“Mini Skini” throws Canadians for a loop

Mini Skini
Speaking of scooter pranks, another April Fools’ joke slipped past us while we were at the WKRP rally: Mini of Canada announced the “Mini Skini,” (more images)a scooter version of the BMW Mini. Many Canadian news agencies and Mini fans were fooled, despite the “dual airbags” and “all-wheel-drive.” A full-size mockup was created and photographed, a lot of effort for a one-day prank. (The mighty Scooter Scoop, once again, scooped us.)

Revealed: Excerpt from Quadrophenia the Musical

Jimmy:What the bloody hell you doin’?

Postman:We could’ve killed you!

Jimmy: (Singing) Ah, fuckin’ heellllll!
Look what you’ve doooone!
You cuuuunts!

Postman: (chanting) Why didn’t you stop? Why didn’t you stop!

Jimmy: (Singing) You’ve killed me scooter!
Look what you’ve doooone!
Fuck off! Leave it alone!
Get off it! Why don’t you kiiiiilll me?
All of ya! Fuck off! (jazz hands)

Quadrophenia heading for the stage

First there was ABBA’s “Mamma Mia”, then Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” We even have the “Boney M” musical arriving in London’s West End later this year.

However, pretty soon it looks like we will have The Who’s Quadrophenia made into an on stage musical as well.

I wonder if they will have the scooters riding around on the stage?

(note: we just realized the linked story was from 2001… oh well.)

Win a Vespa signed by Corey Hart!

CTV (with the technological help of ABC, because Canadian TV is apparently broadcast in black and white) is giving away a Vespa PX150 as part of their Juno awards shenanigans. If you think it’s worth sitting through any music awards show, let alone one with performances by The Guess Who and 54/40, to win a Vespa, go for it. Note: Events Halifax, one of the sponsors, has an awesome logo.

Best… Bust… ever.

Nestled within the usual ads for yarn and alternative menstruation products, the April/May 2006 issue of Bust features a story about “biker gangs” for women. Though it covers bicycle, motorcycle, and scooter clubs, the Secret Servix SC monopolized the bulk of the text and photos, along with the Baltimore Bombshells and a couple other girls’ clubs. If that’s not enough to get you running to the newsstand, you also get Gretchen Mol convincingly dressing up like Bettie Page, and a story on comics artist Julie Doucet. Nice! Janel clearly made the right choice hiring Vina as her publicist.

Pimp my Vespa?

From a Globe and Mail story about the new “MTV Canadia:”

“I joked that … we’re going to see Pimp My Snowmobile,â€? Mr. LeBlanc says with a chuckle, a reference to the popular MTV program Pimp My Ride in which old cars are restored and customized to hip status. It may not be that much of a joke. Mr. Schwartz notes that MTV in Germany has a version called Pimp My Bicycle, and in Italy they’re developing Pimp My Vespa.

Reese Witherspoon Rides the Line

Hello Magazine (UK) reports:

The diminutive performer has been turning heads in the British capital as she shows off her riding skills on a black Vespa. The mum-of-two is more accustomed to the back seat of a limousine than the saddle of a scooter, but she has become a biker chick for the film Penelope, in which she plays a pizza delivery girl.