Janklow to serve 100 days

South Dakota Congressman (and ex-attorney general and governor) Bill Janklow was sentenced to only 100 days in jail last week for killing motorcyclist Randy Scott, while speeding and running a stop sign near Trent, SD on August 16 2003. Janklow had been served 13 speeding tickets since 1990, but argued that, being a diabetic, his low blood sugar had affected his judgement in the fatal crash. Motorcyclists across the country are outraged that a well-connected politician known for his tough stance on law-and-order was given such a light sentence, and several biker groups have threatened to boycott Sturgis in protest. Janklow has since resigned from the House of Representatives.

Eat at Tweet

Belated congratulations to Chicago scooterist Kim Stewart, she’s now the sous/pastry chef at the northside restaurant Tweet, which recently recieved a glowing three-star review in the Tribune. We can’t wait to check it out, we’ll be visiting as soon as we find a babysitter.

More Kinetic/Italjet info

2SB reader Tom Shaddox sent us an Economic Times of India story about the Kinetic/Italjet deal, he actually sent it a while back but we were caught up in parenthood (our apologies, Tom). This story is a bit more clear and reveals a bit more, Kinetic will become the sole worldwide manufacturer and distributor of the current Italjet models Jet Set, Dragster, Formula, Torpedo, Velocifero, Millennium and Jupiter. All will be outfitted with Kinetic motors. Italjet founder/owner Leopoldo Tartarini will also be involved in future Kinetic design projects.

Fire Stadium is Go

The Chicago Fire has announced plans for a new $70 million (seven crore for our indian readers) soccer stadium in Bridgeview, IL. Good news for 2SB, that’s about as close to Galewood as we could have hoped for, and it’s near the VFW fish fry, the Krispy Kreme, and the Trader Joe’s that we frequent. The team hopes to play there starting in 2006. Westside!

India, the new Italy

Rupees continue to fall like rain on Italy this month as Piaggio announced their plans for a Rs 1,000-cr turnover in India by 2005, mainly on the heels of their Quadracycle and other cargo vehicles. “Rs 1,000-cr” means “One thousand Crore Rupees,” or “1,000 10-million rupees,” which I think works out to ten billion rupees, or something like US$221 millon, if my math is right. Could they make that a little more confusing? Meanwhile, Italjet has licensed seven models to Kinetic to be produced in India. Italjet will cease domestic production of the models and Kinetic will manufacture, distribute and market them worldwide, using Italjet’s current distributors. All engines will be manufactured by Kinetic, unlike the Italian versions which used Piaggio and other outsourced motors.

Ryan Futogaki: We Hardly F**king Knew Thee

onenil.gifAs the Fire prepares for the 2004 MLS SuperDraft on Friday, January 16th, it is doing of bit of house cleaning. Luckily for Fire fans, notorious goalkeeper Curtis Spiteri, Henry Ring’s replacement for the last few games of the season, was released. During his only minutes with the Fire, against the Columbus Crew in their last game of the regular season, he allowed six goals in just one half of play.
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