Protect your crotch


Here are some ways to keep your thighs dry in the coming months. (Yup, it’s a slow news day.)

If this wide range of available scooter aprons is not proof that scooters are as popular as they’ve ever been, I don’t know what is. In other cruddy weather news, the Cold Weather Challenge ended yesterday, we’ll post the results when Ryan makes it official.

Vespa Turbo

Nitro sent me this video. It appears to be from last year, from Denmark, and it appears to maybe be an early 60s Vespa (note the Hella taillight). I know sweet nuthin’ about turbocharging, but whatever they did to this engine, it sounds freakin’ sweet.

The Vespas

Surely with bands out there called “The Scooters,” “Scooter,” (two!) “Lambretta,” and “The Lambrettas,” you just knew there’s a band called The Vespas. And you’d be right, you can find them in Detroit. They claim to sound like the Pixies/Breeders/Cure, but i think they’re a bit more grungy/punky than that, more like Screaming Trees (and there’s nothing wrong with sounding like Screaming Trees). Their logo appears to be an inverted (aka French) bloaty mod target, but other than that, they seem pretty cool, and they’re worth a listen.

Rear-view helmets available soon

British manufacturer Reevu claims their motorcycle helmets—with a rear-view-mirror system integrated within—will be available this year, for about US$400, less than many “regular” motorcycle helmets. The helmets reportedly meet worldwide safety standards. It’s a great idea, if it works well, though just about anything would beat the hell out of a wobbly-ass vintage scooter mirror.

Bajaj: Now with magical talking prow!

For those unfamiliar with Greek mythology, Argo is the ship that carried the courageous Jason and his crew, the Argonauts, on a remarkable journey in search of the Golden Fleece.  We may not find the Golden Fleece, but we are certainly looking forward to the voyage.

BajajUSA is now ArgoUSA. Not sure when that happened, but best of luck to Al and his Argonauts, who pioneered the whole “good gas mileage, affordable transportation” message back when most distributors were scouting boutique locations on Rodeo Drive.