Login/Registration Fixed

Sorry if you’ve had a hard time logging in in the last day or two, we finally found some decent software to block the fake registrations we were getting, and turned registration back on (link on “log in” in the bottom right column) but it locked out current users. Everything should be hunky-dory now, drop […]

Feeds fixed!

O, Glorious day, we’ve finally got all our feeds sorted out and we’re back into Feedburner and all is good. If you’re following us on RSS, everything should still be working properly, without you having to take any action. If you do notice a problem, please let us know! You also may notice that the […]

Back from Sturgis…

Yep, we were gone for a week or so, checking out the scooter scene in Sturgis, Michigan. (I posted a similar photo on my Facebook page and apparently my friends actually think I’d waste valuable vacation time at a Harley rally.) In any case, we’re back and there’s some some good stuff on deck, including […]

Not Hacked

We were down for a few hours this morning, with some symptoms that led us to believe we might have been hacked. Once we fixed it, to our relief, it was clear that The People’s Republic of China had nothing to do with it, it was just an SQL glitch. Props to our beloved hosting […]


You might have noticed comments have avatars now. If you’d like to customize yours, simply register (free and easily) with Gravatar. If your mail address in your 2sb account matches your Gravatar account, your avatar will apear. easy peasy. It’ll automatically add it to every post you’ve ever made here, *and* on other Gravatar-enabled sites.


Tonight I planned to post the Cold Weather Challenge sign-up page and unveil some new stuff for sale at Scootmoto. Tonight I ended up botching a WordPress upgrade, then locked myself out of the 2SB admin page, completely destroyed the site, and took three hours to fix it. I think it’s almost back to normal […]

2sb news

We finally added a contact email address in the top right box, I’ve been meaning to do that for ages. If you’re getting email subscriptions, you might want to add that address to your whitelist, I just realized I’d been using my work address for email updates all this time, so I switched it. If […]


I finally caved in and set up a Twitter account… but I have an ACTUAL PURPOSE for it! I’ll use it to post scootering tips and I’ll also post quick bursts about rumors and upcoming stories. So, if you’re into that, we’re simply “2strokebuzz.” If you prefer not to join Twitter (you’re smart), you can […]