State of the Buzz Address

Hey, 2SB readers! Bryan here… As you know, 2strokeBuzz has been pretty dead for a while now, I got kinda disillusioned with scootering a few years ago and even with the addition of Matt and Brooke, we’ve only been posting sporadically. Ironically, in the meantime (with a lot of help from friends and mechanics) I’ve […]

50% off at Veloce on World Book Day

We generally dig Veloce Publishing, they have several great scooter and microcar books. They’re a bit more expensive than we’d like, but March 1 is World Book Day and Veloce is offering 50% off any book. We’ve reviewed their Lambretta LI, A-Z Scooters and Microcars, and Vespa Buyer’s Guide, and we’re currently reading their Caring […]


17 years ago, when 2strokebuzz was a ‘zine and the Internet was new, I ran across Norman, who publishes the great biker zine, Motorcycho. He’d send regular (far more regular than 2sb) packets with his new zine, always with a stack of stickers and postcards and other ephemera, and it always made my week to […]

Scooters of the Apocalypse

“If you’re one of those people who find James Joyce’s “Ulysses” too long and lacking in pictures” of vintage scooters, Alister Kitchen’s Scooters of the Apocalypse comic book is available now from Createspace or Amazon. It looks great, we’ll definitely be stocking a copy in the 2strokebuzz bathroom library.

Book Review:
Vespa Scooters Essential Buyer’s Guide

Veloce Books is a British publisher focused mostly on vintage cars and motorcycles. They’ve released several scooter books, some reviewed here in the past, and all worth checking out. Their newest scooter-related endeavor is The Essential Buyer’s Guide: Vespa Scooters (subtitled “Classic two-stroke models 1960 to 2008“) by Mark Paxton. The word “Essential” in the […]

40% off a Veloce book

Sorry for the late notice, but Veloce Books is offering 40% off any book if you order before Sunday night. Use the code BEBRAVE. They’ve got several great scooter books and loads of vintage car and motorcycle books. They recently sent me their new “Vespa Scooters Essential Buyer’s Guide,” I’m working on a full review, […]

Scootmoto Update!

Speaking of 2SB cashing in (stop laughing), we’ve finally updated Scootmoto with about a dozen new items, including: (Finally!) NEW 2strokebuzz T-shirts, a very limited-edition tribute to one of the greatest albums ever, and because our son Calvin (obviously) needed one, we did a few onesies. We only printed 36 shirts, so if you’re actually […]