Rok Bagoros, Slovenian Stunt Rider

As if Americans need further proof that scootering is far more evolved in Europe, stunt riding has been growing in popularity across the Continent. Originally featured in exhibitions at other motorsports events, stunt riding apparently has its own competitions now, and one of the leading stars is Rok Bagoros, a 21-year-old Slovene who grew up […]

World Cup Semis!

Well, a few upsets later, our brackets got a serious shakeup but “tnpsc1” stays in first for now. Argentina and Brazil’s losses bombed most of us, and all the Holland fans I made fun of when this started are looking good now. I’m no math wizard, and the scoring of this contest frankly makes little […]

Vespa S College ie

Not reading Italian particularly fluently, we originally thought the handsome new Vespa S College ie was a 50cc limited-edition custom model designed to promote the Vespa Tennis Tour, but on second glance, it appears to be a production model that’s available in the full range of Vespa S displacements. Hopefully it makes it to the […]

Adidas/Vespa parties in 5 cities

After teasing America with mostly unobtainable European tidbits, the Adidas Originals/Vespa clothing and shoe line is hitting the U.S. in full force with five launch parties at U.S. Adidas Original stores over the next week: Berkeley, CA July 23 6-8 PM Chicago, IL July 23 6-8 PM Georgetown, DC July 23 6-8 PM Miami, FL […]


Haven’t had a soccer post in a while, and this one involves soccer, booze, and a ridiculously large Chupa Chup, so it’s got 2SB written all over it. We’re not big Barcelona fans or anything, though we love their jerseys for various reasons. We also generally dislike Argentinean soccer stars. But hey, this Messi character […]

Merciless Tigers FTW!

After several seasons in multiple leagues (summer, winter, indoor, outdoor, mens, co-ed, over-40m etc.) and sometimes several games a week, our beloved Cincinnati Merciless Tigers have finally won the highest honor of the Soccer City Men’s Open Blue Division, top of the table after a 7-1-0 season. They’re also holding steady at .500 (1-1-3) in […]

“Swimsuit Issue” is just a Sonic Youth song

Most of us stopped “reading” Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue in about 6th grade, when we finally tracked down some real porn. But there will always be 6th-graders, so SI keeps publishing it, and comically pretending it’s a guide for women shopping for swimwear. Their portfolio now includes athletes’ wives, tennis stars, cheerleaders, bodypainted nudes, Danica […]