News chunks 10/8/07

Like many economy-minded Americans, a rural-Illinois journalist buys a $2000 Honda Metropolitan to save (by my calculations) $50 a year on gas. The Moped Army gets a story in their hometown paper, with a shout-out to the Jedi Knights SC. As the entire Bajaj family continues to feud, merge, and demerge, Bajaj Auto is still […]

A scooter riddle

Q: How many chicks licking ice-cream cones does it take to get 2strokebuzz to care about the Suzuki Bergman? A: I still don’t care about the Suzuki Bergman, and what are those Hooters waitresses doing in Italy?


Reader Bill Meek responded to our “Burgmania spreads” story: It’s great that a 2-stroke site has information and links about the Suzuki Burgman. Here’s an interesting newspaper article about a Burgman rider (me) and his unusual passenger that I thought you might find amusing. We certainly did. Bill and his dog Sandy have covered over 10,000 […]

Burgmania spreads

Suzuki’s doing something right, their Burgman continues to rack up glowing news stories nationwide. Interestingly, the bike also seems to be expanding beyond touring scooters’ usual market (the elderly, and wives of touring motorcyclists) in almost every direction. Here are a few news reports we’ve seen lately: Gizmag’s story is a rather technical, but interesting, […]