Chicago Hard Mod and Milwaukee Rockerbox

Chicago’s Hard Mod Weekender kicks off tonight (well, actually last night with the Circuits reunion at the Globe, sorry for posting this so late!). Tonight’s the Stone Lightning Band and the Irving Parkas with DJs at Phyllis’, tomorrow is a Moto Show and Jumble sale at the new Bottom Lounge (can’t wait to check that place out, it sounds great), and more bands and dancing later at the Volcano Room, and Sunday morning there’s a soul breakfast at Holiday.

Tomorrow is also Rockerbox in Milwaukee, one of the best vintage motorcycle shows around. That’s a tough choice to make.

Galewood Cookshack on Food Network tonight!

Tonight’s the debut of a new episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network featuring The Galewood Cookshack. If you read 2sb, you know all about our little pocket of Chicago called Galewood, and you know Grace Delcano, a scooterist, friend, and neighbor who honed her BBQ recipe at several years worth of Galewood scooter rallies. She’s gone pro and sells pulled pork sandwiches and nachos from her customized RV at street fairs, farmers markets, and auto/motorcycle events, and it’s great to see her getting the attention she deserves. Also keep an eye out for my better half, Vina, working it. If you’re in the neighborhood, come to the Kat Klub tonight for the viewing party!

Update: The show usually visits three places, this show they visited four, and the Cookshack was the last chunk of the show, so the segment wasn’t all that long, but Grace and the RV looked great, and the show certainly made me hungry. Vina didn’t get much airtime (I actually got more) but Su and Neil were prominently featured. Here are airtimes for reruns.

Pork Alert: Galewood Cookshack TV shoot


If you know 2sb, and you know Galewood, you already know and love Grace Delcano, our scooterist friend/neighbor famous for her home-smoked BBQ pulled pork. And you probably know that her roving BBQ-mobile, the Galewood Cookshack, is gaining notoriety in Chicagoland by serving up fantastic pulled-pork sandwiches (and more recently, nachos) at local farmers’ markets and motorcycle shows, with recent writeups in the Reader, Time Out, and Chicago Magazine.

Well, Grace and Cooky will be at the Logan Square Farmer’s Market this Sunday (9/16/07) from 10am until the last BlueBEERy muffin and Mexican Coke are sold, filming a segment for the Food Network program Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, so whether you’re a Cookshack regular or a longtime vegan looking for an excuse to come to the pork side, this is the day to show up, preferably on your scooter for extra pizazzle, and maybe see yourself on national basic cable, and more importantly, help distract from Grace, Su, and Tracie’s Sparks Mouth.

Tandoori Sizzler?

Hey, I think I’d post about Tandoori Sizzler Doritos even if there wasn’t a sweet junky 80s-vintage Asian-Vepsa sidehack in the TV commercial. (That’s Scootin’ Old Skool’s second most popular post.) 2sb readers of Canadia [that’s not a typo -ed], you have a mission. First bag of Tandoori Sizzlers I get in the mail nets the sender a 2strokebuzz t-shirt so new, it hasn’t even been printed yet. You can even decide what color the shirts will be.

UPDATE ScooterScoopSteve points out that there are three different versions of the commercial on (go to ‘screening room’). Exotic Otter!? Allright, people, I NEED these chips.

A few rashers more? Think again, Galewood

mmmmmmmThe folks over at Gizmodo reported on some ‘scientists’ in the UK that have come up with an equation for the perfect bacon sandwich. Further research revealed that my lab rat brethren at Leeds University have defined what is the perfect “Bacon Butty”. I’ve been eating bacon sandwiches with pleasure for the last thirty plus years, but these little pleasures are more akin to what Americans would call a fried ham sandwich (Here is where I give a shout out to my pals in Seattle, Joe and Euan, for introducing me to the bacon butty at a bar down the street from Soundspeed Scooters in the Fremont neighborhood). Being that 2strokebuzz is primarily a scooter ‘blog’, I’ll apologize for going off topic but I know that the subject is close the heart of many of it’s loyal readers. Read on and decide for yourself and let the derision of ‘merican bacon commence (p.s. I like both kinds, but not too crispy).

Céad Míle Fáílte

Los Corazones Negros have organized a ride to the Chicago South Side Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday (March 11, 2007):

Ride meets at 10AM, Atomix (1957 W. Chicago Ave (312) 666-
2649) and at 10:30/45 leave for the parade. Easy ride 20ish miles, small frames welcome. Weather looks to be nice.

Tenative route follows:
Western to Odgen
Odgen to Harlem
Harlem to SW Archer
SW Archer to 96th/LaGrange
96th/LaGrange to either 95th or further to 111th
95th/111th over to 99th and Artesian somehow

We will end at Harts on 99th and Artesian (1 block west of Western) to park and grab a bite. Afterwards eveyone’s on their own. Drink, check out the parade, whatever. If anybody else will be in the area drop me a line (773.680.2269) before or day-of and we can meet up.
Cheers, Matte

Don’t forget daylight savings time has changed this year: “spring forward” at 2am Sunday.

The Hunnert Car Pileup

For the last few years, the Chrome Czars have organized the best hot-rod show around, the Hunnert Car Pileup. Each year it’s roughly doubled in size, and this Saturday, it will likely double again. Scooters are welcome, though only vintage scooters can enter the show area (at the discretion of the judges). The local scooter crowd usually turns out in force, and as usual, there’s a group ride planned down to the Grundy County Speedway in Morris, IL, meeting at the Krispy Kreme at Archer and Harlem (in Summit, IL) at 9am and leaving at 9:30 sharp. Weather is unpredictable this time of year, dress in layers. When you get there, look for the Galewood Cookshack (the RV with flames) for some chili (red or verde) made with their already-famous smoked pork. The show goes all day with bands, food, vendors, cars, and a Ring of Fire, and wraps up with more bands and drink at Fool’s Bar and Grill in Morris.

Chicago-to-Lake County ride

Patrick has organized a ride for this Saturday (July 1, 2006):

Kick off the weekend right with a a nice, long, fast ride (scooters capable of 50+mph only please). Meet at Beans and Bagels on Montrose/Ravenswood at 1pm. We’ll take Route 14 to 59 to 12. Our first stop will be in Defiler SC country, at Famous Freddies Roadhouse (4pm). Jim and a few others will meet us there. Tons of really cheap decent food and beer. It’s on the fox river. If wanted we could take the barge out to Blarney’s Island the only bar in the middle of a lake that I know off. After Hanging with the Defilers (6:30pm) we will head back up to route 14 and pick up Roselle road up to Irving Park to Woodfire Chicken’s Saturday night car show (8pm) and more food if you need it. All together, this ride is about 100 miles.

2sb has big plans for that Saturday (and maybe some big news next week,) but maybe we’ll catch up with everyone at Woodfire, their car shows are always a good time.

Galewood 2K6: Goodtimes

J. Hodge closes in on M. Bedell in lap two

Another (the last, or is it?) Galewood has come and gone, but our high cholesterol levels live on. Congrats to Bacon Cookoff winners Mark (3rd), Kristina (2nd), and Quentin (1st, first two-time winner). No one got hurt on the three-wheeler OR the bouncy castle. We’re gonna call John Hodge the winner of the Chicco showdown not only because he was fast, but because it’s just too weird that a 8-month-old that can’t even stand up can ride a Chicco. There are lots of photos on and here are more from Dawn (who took the photo above). If you missed it, or didn’t get enough bacon, Durso sent us this blog of daily bacon recipes.